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What we do

We develop software that automates borescope inspections of jet engines. It is our goal to make BSIs faster and easier to perform, without losing inspection quality. To achieve this, we use our knowledge in Computer Science to create a user-friendly environment that makes inspection tasks easier. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence allows us to develop a system that is able to assist the inspectors in their work, where the final goal is to eventually fully automate the borescope inspection.

Our products

We have released Aiir Inspect, a product that optimizes the reporting process in borescope inspection and much more. Aiir Inspect is combined with a full cloud environment where inspection results can be reviewed after or during the inspection.

We continue to improve on Aiir Inspect to develop Aiir Assist. This assistant analyses video footage and images to assist engineers throughout their inspections. It's an additional pair of eyes that helps check for irregularities inside the engine. This saves your team time, while increasing the quality of the inspections.

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How we work

We offer a package of custom designed, robust hardware installed with our inspection software. The software is designed to integrate into your current workflow, making it easy to adapt to.

The services we provide consist of extensive integration support when you start using our software, as well as continued user support, software maintenance and hardware maintenance to ensure the best user experience for you and your team.


Our Strengths

We combine our in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and software development to build cutting-edge solutions that work.

Artificial Intelligence Research

Our ties to the University of Amsterdam and the Delft University of Technology allow us to bring the best of academic research into Aviation. Using the latest Computer Vision methods we ensure state-of-the-art performance.

Dynamic Software Engineering

We use agile software development methods. This means we work in small, fast improvement phases during which we stay in close contact with the end users to ensure the best software experience.

Data Security

We handle your data with care. Inspection data is stored and processed in the secure Aiir cloud environment following the latest encryption standards.