About us

Find out what drives us and why we succeed!

What drives us

It is our mission to increase the efficiency and quality of all visual inspections in the field of aviation. Visual inspections are necessary to ensure safety and proper functioning of all kinds of mechanical structures. Even for the experts performing these inspections it can sometimes be difficult to find every structural defect. We want to unburden the engineers spending hours performing inspections and at the same time reduce the time it takes to perform them. All the while increasing the quality of the inspections.


Who we are

Aiir Innovations was founded in 2016 by five Artificial Intelligence Graduates and an Assistant Professor in Computer Vision. Aiir Innovations is based at the center of Amsterdam.

Our Team

Jan van Gemert

The Professor

Bart Vredebregt

The Visionary

Miriam Huijser

The Researcher

Steve Nowee

The Money Master

Fritjof Büttner

The Tech Guru

Cassandra Loor

The Planner

Amir Abounnasr

Software Engineer

Edwin Nouwt

UX | UI Designer