Aiir Review

Aiir Review can help you catch overlooked damages, this is how it works

Aiir Review

Using state-of-the-art AI models, Aiir Review catches overlooked engine damages in borescope footage. Use Aiir Review during lease transfers to ensure the most reliable engines in the industry. Or use it to avoid the risk of losing millions from purchasing a damaged engine due to a missed defect.

Simply check a borescope inspection by uploading videos on the online platform and see the results appear minutes later. Found something? Easily share it using the share & commenting functionality.


Aiir Review is designed with a strong focus on user-friendliness to make the platform intuitive and easy to use. We continuously work with our customers to improve it every day! If you have suggestions, let us know!

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI has been trained on many hours of inspections performed by some of the best MROs in the world. And because we are collecting new inspections every day the AI continues to learn!

Data Security

We handle your data with care. Inspection data is stored and processed in the secure Aiir cloud environment following the latest encryption standards and stored for a minimum of five years.

How it works


Upload all kinds of files at the same time

All sorts of video files and documents can be uploaded simply by drag & drop.

Upload files

Or simply use a Stream link

Import inspections directly from STREAM using a link. Using another data platform? Let us know.



Let the AI do the job for you

While the AI reviews your inspections, you can spend your time on other things.

Defect Detection

The AI analyzes the video for even the tiniest defects, giving you comprehensive insights into the condition of your engine. Tests show that the AI reports 150% more findings relevant for decision making compared to human inspectors.

Blade Counting

The AI counts the number of blades in the video, so you can be certain that all blades have been checked. Did you know that most inspection footage does not cover all blades?

Speed analysis

The AI computes the rotation speed during the inspection to point out videos that are too fast for human review. The analysis can even be used to determine how rushed an inspector was and whether he used a turning tool!



Review the results

Finally, you will get a detailed overview of what the AI has found in the videos.

Example of found damages
Save Time

You can now use the AI results directly to know what is important without watching the video, saving countless hours of review time!


Do the results require additional input from a team member? Just leave a comment on the finding. That way, you always talk about the same finding and they can immediately view the relevant part of the video on the platform.


Want to share your results with a third party? In Aiir Review, you can simply generate a secure link to allow external parties to access to access specific videos and results. No need to send large attachments or screenshots via email.


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